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The History of BMW 2002


The History of BMW 2002


The BMW 2002 first rolled off the line in 1968. This iconic car's base model came stock with a single carburetor that produced 101 horsepower; this matched the Datsun 510 at the time. The BMW 2002Ti, an upgraded version, sported twin Solex 40 carburetors with a higher compression engine that delivered 119 hp, which pushed this little powerhouse to a top speed of 115 mph putting in the class of the likes of the Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII, but this 2002Ti seats 4 with space in the boot (trunk). The 2002Ti weighed more, but with those twin Solex 40's it had the pulling power to deliver both speed and performance.


When 1969 rolled around, BMW offered an automatic 2002 with a 3-speed transmission with a single carburetor engine. This coupe was not designed for sport but as a stylish easy-driving car. By 1971, BMW offered yet another version; the cabriolet had a 1.6-liter engine that was later upgraded to a 2-liter engine making it a 2002. That same year, BMW added yet another upgrade, mechanical fuel injection, and called it the 2002Tii by adding a belt driven injection pump and four fuel injectors to the mix, adding an additional 11 hp to the model.


By 1973, the draw for more power was so strong that they added a 170 hp engine calling it a 2002 Turbo and shaving off 2.3 seconds of speed, making it a 7-second car from 0-100/km. This car was a challenge to drive, as you needed to rev the engine up to 4,000 rpm or higher to get the turbo to kick in. The turbo lag was paramount, which made the car hard to predict. Only the best drivers were able to harness her power. Even though the 2002 Turbo had superior acceleration and topped out at 130 mph, it wasn't a top seller because of the turbo lag, causing race car drivers to be unable to use heel and toe gear shifting.


These days, 2002 enthusiasts seem to prefer the 2002Tii, sporting fuel injection. The suspension on this car was superior as it sports MacPherson strut front suspension with disc brake calipers with larger discs and struts. And a four-speed gearbox. The most highly sought after 2002 is the 2002Tii with a five-speed close-ratio and is a rare feature to find.


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