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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Why Kimi Räikkönen is Pete Bristow’s Favorite FI Driver

Why Kimi Räikkönen is Pete Bristow’s Favorite FI Driver

Taken from https://www.kimiraikkonen.com/   Happy October, Bristow's Auto Repair family! For our October blog, we have decided to highlight our owner - Pete Bristows favorite F1 Driver. A driver that many professionals have called "A bit of a legend," "very unique," and "an incredible talent." A driver whose nickname is "The Iceman," as he is world-renowned- for his emotionless interactions through the years with reporters and overall aura of "no-shits-given attitude." Bristow's Auto Repair team presents why Kimi Raikkonen is Pete Bristow's Favorite F1 Driver.    INTERVIEWER: "WHAT IS YOUR FEELING BEFORE THE RACE?" KIMI: "IT'S ALRIGHT."   It's fitting to highlight Kimi and his awe-inspi ... read more


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