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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Racing In The Pacific Northwest

Racing In The Pacific Northwest

Racing In The PNW    Have you ever wondered about the origins of racing in the Pacific Northwest? Since the early days of engines, pushing for bigger, faster, and more has been a favorite pastime. Everything from drag racing, limited and unlimited hydroplane racing, road racing, off-road, circle track, and Motocross have been the racing scene's headliners in our lovely PNW. There is a lot of rich racing history in our area!   Pacific Raceways, formerly called Seattle International Raceway (SIR), is owned by a local family. In the '70s, Pacific Raceways was home to incredible events that brought huge crowds and intense entertainment, including side-by-side burnouts. The stands were filled with excited fans of all ages. SIR was host to many races, such as the 64 Funny Cars and the Fox Hunt, the two most significant events in the '70s. Those events eventually evolved into today's Northwest Nationals.   If you are into racing, you ... read more


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