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Rotate and Balance Those Tires and Here is Why


It is vital to understand the importance of tire rotation & balance to keep your vehicle running correctly & extend the life of your tires. When our trusted technicians rotate and balance your tires during an inspection, we manage the tread of your tire wear to extend the life of your tires. It’s important to note that tire balancing and tire rotation are different services, but people often think they are the same. We will break each different service down & explain the risks of not rotating your tires.


During a tire rotation, each tire is moved to a different position on your vehicle. For example, the tire under the left front may be moved to the back rear. This ensures that your tires wear more evenly, reduces noise & vibrations, & provides a better driving experience. 


The consequences of not rotating your tires can be deadly. Without routine rotation, the tire treads can wear and cause unsafe driving situations in the form of hydroplaning, skidding on snow or ice, heat-buildup, and increasing your tire blowout risk. According to an NHTSA report, inadequate tread depth is responsible for more than 25% of all tire-related car accidents. 


Our experts can determine your vehicle’s specific rotation pattern at Bristow’s Auto Repair, which largely depends on the type of tires on your car. 

Usually, for vehicles that are 4-wheel, all-wheel, or rear-wheel drive, the rearward cross pattern is recommended. 

The X-Pattern is recommended for front-wheel drive vehicles such as lightweight trucks and sedans. 

This is the most common pattern for front-wheel drive vehicles. There are tons of options for tire rotations, & our trusted mechanics can describe which pattern is best for your vehicle. 

In terms of tire balancing, this solidifies that the weight of your vehicle is distributed evenly & that your ride is comfortable. If your tires were off-balance, you would notice uneven tread wear, a vibration in the steering wheel or floor, and poor fuel economy. Make note that when traveling at faster speeds, all these symptoms would be heightened. You might wonder how wheels could ever get out of balance, and this happens over time. Everyday wear will contribute to the imbalance. Just half an ounce is a weight difference that can cause a vibration while driving. 

We examine each tire on a balancing machine that can pinpoint the heavier or lighter areas to fix this issue. Then, we decide how to even them out by attaching small weights to the off wheels. 

It’s generally recommended that tire balancing occurs every 5,000 miles, at the very least once a year, or if you purchase new tires. But if you are experiencing any vibrations or notice uneven wear, it’s time to call the experts at Bristow’s Auto Repair. We are committed to taking every step to care for your car’s tires and prevent unforeseen damages by following factory-recommended repairs and services. Our knowledgeable technicians are the best in the industry and want to keep you on the road without any hassles or inconveniences. This is why you should turn to the experts at Bristow’s Auto Repair. Please make an appointment or call us today!


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