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Is Your Car Ready For Fall? How to Prepare Your Car For The Season

Happy September, Bristow's Auto Repair family!

Given that the fall season is descending quickly upon us, it is a perfect time to talk about fall preventative maintenance tips for your vehicle. 

Let's start by loosely defining preventative maintenance. Preventive maintenance refers to regular, routine maintenance/upkeep to help your vehicle stay up and running; by taking these measures, you prevent expensive downtime/costs from unanticipated equipment failure. Preventive maintenance involves carefully inspecting your vehicle's systems and equipment where potential problems are detected and corrected to avoid a breakdown.

Preventative maintenance can include many different services, and our ASE Certified mechanics at Bristow's Auto Repair can help you extend the life of your vehicle. In this blog, we want to highlight the most common fall preventative maintenance tips for you and your car! 


Vehicle Cabin Air Filter Replacement

No one wants to get stuck in I-5 traffic with a smelly vehicle. If you notice an odd scent, it most likely comes from a dirty cabin air filter. Cabin Air Filters come in several varieties - A cheap filter only blocks dust from getting inside your vehicle. A higher-quality filter will trap much smaller particles and help keep pollen and other allergy-causing debris out of your car. By installing a new filter, you are improving the air you breathe when driving.  


Full-Service Oil Change

Everyone knows the importance of regular oil changes. When you make an appointment with Bristow's Auto Repair for an oil change, our ASE-certified auto mechanics take your personal driving habits & the condition of your engine into consideration to determine exactly what servicing in addition to oil replacement to optimize your driving experience.


Wheel Balancing

Good tires are essential for you and your family's safety. How would you feel if your tires weren't spinning straight? A wheel balance inspection is needed to put your wheels back into alignment after hitting a curb a little too hard or driving into a pothole. Both of these common accidents can cause your wheels to come out of balance. When your wheel is out of balance, it causes the tires to spin with a slight wobble that causes a vibration when you drive. If you notice this look no further than Bristow's for the fix. We have the tire mount and balancing equipment needed in-house to perform your wheel balance quickly and accurately! 


Brake Fluid Service

Moisture is the number 1 contaminant of your vehicle's fluid quicker than you think possible. Too much moisture or sludge in the brake fluid can lead to fluid boiling and potentially brake failure. Sludge can clog your ABS valves and potentially cause failure. Both of these can turn costly quickly when unnoticed over time. Our ASE Certified Technicians will perform a complete brake system inspection to keep your vehicle in the safest condition! 


Tire Maintenance

Every time we drive our vehicle, we wear our tires. Thinking it's been a while since your tires were replaced? New tires have many benefits, such as better handling, traction, braking ability, and overall safety. Our honest ASE Certified staff is ready to help you with your wheel and tire needs. Not sure you need new tires? Our team will measure your tread depth and give you straightforward recommendations!

As we highlighted a few of the preventative maintenance services that we perform, we encourage you to take a moment to schedule an appointment at Bristow's Auto Repair. Our state-of-the-art equipment and personalized service that you receive will keep you coming back for years to come. We have the latest diagnostic equipment to determine your vehicle's needs and routinely upgrade our equipment and tools. Call us today at (253) 471-1663 to schedule your fall preventative maintenance appointment or schedule online here today!


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