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If You Get A Flat Tire, What Do You Do?

A tire blowout while driving can be a harrowing experience, especially while on a highway, interstate, or another high-speed road. Bristow's Auto Repair wants to make sure you are prepared and know how to handle an experience like this in the safest possible manner.


If you suddenly get a flat while you are on the road, it can be difficult to keep your vehicle going in a straight line. You will want to take hold of the steering wheel at the 10 and 2 positions, take your foot off the gas pedal and allow your car to reduce speed slowly. It is crucial to avoid slamming on your brakes; you want to let your vehicle slow down gradually so as not to further damage the wheel or create a traffic hazard.


Check your breathing; make sure you take long, deep breaths, full, slow inhale, and exhales to help stay calm and keep a clear mind. You have got this!


When you find yourself in a middle or left lane, you will want to carefully work your way toward an exit or a breakdown lane as quickly as possible, keeping your safety and the safety of others around you in mind. It is important to signal your intentions before making a move, watch the surrounding traffic, double-check by turning your head, and use both your mirrors to look for potential hazards as you make your way off the road. Keep in mind that you want to be going slower than 30 MPH as you exit your lane to prepare for a stop. It is always better to stop off the road than risking a rear-end or side collision by stopping in traffic.


As you get your car off the road, turn on your flashers, and brake lightly. You want to be cautious when depressing your brake pedal as you come to a stop. Keep in mind that your tire is most likely already ruined, and it is more important to keep your safety in mind than it is to stop suddenly in a poor location putting yourself and others at risk.


Once you are off the road and are in a place you can safely get out of your car, it is time to change your tire with your spare tire kit. If you have those reflective triangles, put them out, raise your hood, and tie something (white preferably) to your antenna to signal that you need roadside assistance. If it is not safe to change your tire where you are at, wait in your vehicle for help. Your safety is of utmost importance. If you do not have a phone available to you and it is safe to walk to an exit with a store, or a roadside call-for-help phone, do so while keeping as far away from traffic as possible.


If you are looking for help determining the best route to take when navigating a blowout during business hours, call Bristow's Auto Repair for recommendations, we are here to help! Make your check-up appointment with some of the most qualified auto mechanics in the business today at Bristow's Auto Repair. We back our work with a 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty, and our entire team focuses on creating a top-notch customer service experience. We specialize in BMW service and repair, so you'll know that your BMW is in the best of hands. Make your appointment today!

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